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About the Countryside Restoration Trust


The Countryside Restoration Trust is the UK's leading charity promoting wildlife-friendly farming and campaigning for a living, working countryside.


We believe that wildlife is integral to good farming.


That philosophy is put into practice on over 1,500 acres of working farms, small-holdings and woodland across the country  - where, alongside our tenants, we are demonstrating how farming and other sustainable land uses can co-exist with and benefit from a countryside rich in wildlife.


Our mission is to protect the farmed countryside, its wildlife, and the people with the knowledge and skills to look after it - and to communicate that together these represent a strategic resource vital for our future food security.


The CRT now has approximately 4,000 Friends and manages over 1,500 acres of land with properties in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Herefordshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Surrey, Sussex and Yorkshire.

Our Mission

Robin Page


Robin Page, founder and chairman of the CRT, says: "We want to show that commercial farming can co-exist with conservation."