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2017 CRT Events

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Throughout the year the Countryside Restoration Trust are holding numerous events for both Friends and members of the public.

All of the events we hold are a great opportunity to showcase the fantastic work we do on each of our farms and demonstrate how farming with wildlife in mind is not only possible but the way forward. By opening our farms and inviting supporters to learn about the importance of the British Countryside, we aim to give our CRT Friends, supporters and visitors experiences that are emotionally rewarding, intellectually stimulating and inspirational.

2017 also sees the relaunch of our Friends’ Events programme, which will include events such as a Lamb and Cowslip Walk with Robin Page, talks, wildlife walks and farming demonstrations.

Please see a list of all CRT events which will be held this year, below:

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CRT sweetpeas

Friends Subscription Price Increase

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Annual subscription price increase

As a charity we are working hard in our campaign to create a living, working countryside and would not be where we are now without your continued support. We appreciate your generosity and will always find ways to continue our important work, at the same time as offering you value for your Friends subscription.

As part of that effort, we have recently reviewed our pricing structure in relation to general inflation and a number of changes in the industry. Unfortunately we have come to the conclusion that a small price increase on all annual subscriptions is necessary in order to maintain our Friends programme. We have taken steps to minimise our internal costs, but we also want to run a sustainable organisation that is able to deliver the best possible services to the Countryside and to you, our Friends – now and in the future.

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The Hedge Cutting Debate: Less Cutting More Management

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There are rules on when to cut a hedge. Hedge cutting is legally banned in the UK from 1st March to 31st August, in order to protect nesting birds on farms. In 2016, Defra made the decision to extend the hedge cutting ban to include the month of August.

This was based on analysis of bird nesting records provided by volunteers to the British Ornithology Trust. They identified buntings, Bullfinches and Linnets as likely to be active in nests until the end of August. In a call to repeal the August ban, a campaign supported by Farmers Weekly, the NFU and the Country Land and Business Association (CLA), is questioning the “evidence” used to justify the non-cutting period.

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Walking for the Dorset Dream

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Elaine Spencer-White is not letting the Cotwolds get in the way of her ambition to help us reach our Dorset Dream.

Having taken on the 78 mile Wessex Ridge in 2016, Elaine Spencer-White is once again donning her walking boots as she takes on a new challenge in support of the Gordon Beningfield Dorset Farm Appeal.

On the 28th April, Elaine will be walking the Cotswold Way, a 102 mile National Trail along the Cotswold Escarpment. Starting in Chipping Campden, she should arrive in Bath eight days later.

We caught up with Elaine to learn all about this incredible challenge…

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Daffodil Festival

Kempley Daffodil Festival

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The CRT is taking part in the Kempley Daffodil Festival walks on the weekend of the 18 and 19 March 2017.

A section of the walk crosses Awnells Farm in Much Marcle, and Viv Geen, the Monitoring Officer with the CRT in Herefordshire, is leading a guided walk across this section; talking about the wildlife and traditional Hereford cattle on the farm.  Join the walk as part of the Daffodil Festival and learn about this beautiful countryside.

Please note: all walks start from Kempley.

For further details please click here.


For more information about CRT events please visit the ‘latest events’ section on our homepage.

CRT Trustee

Become a CRT Trustee

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This is an exciting opportunity to join the Countryside Restoration Trust’s Board of Trustees.

Do you have recent and relevant financial experience – including a good understanding of developing financial strategy, ethical investment policy and financial controls principles?

Do you have a professional accountancy qualification or demonstrable equivalent experience?

Do you have experience and an understanding of regulations and compliance in terms of financial reporting for the charity sector including knowledge of the new SORP 2015 and its implications for CRT’s reporting requirements?
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CRT Water Shrew

Water Shrews break 17 year absence

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Water Shrews have returned to the Bourn Brook at Lark Rise Farm following an absence of seventeen years.

The findings were identified by CRT’s Head of Monitoring, Dr Vince Lea, a team of CRT monitors and the Cambridgeshire Mammal Group  as they undertook a small mammal trapping survey in Nan’s Meadow on Lark Rise Farm this past weekend. The survey carried out was actually a repeat survey of one conducted two years ago which involved the use of seventy two traps which were operated over two nights. However, the results were somewhat different with previous findings revealing a high quantity of field voles, a moderate number of Wood and Harvest Mice, but only a small number of Shrews. Read More

Rustics Brave the Rain…

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With the rain pelting down in sheets on Saturday, we were expecting the CRT Rustics meeting to be something of a damp squib…how wrong we were!

By 10am we had a group of a dozen hardy volunteers, not perturbed by the rain and fully dedicated to the job in hand – hedge laying.

Hedgelaying is the only hedgerow maintenance method currently available which promotes regrowth from ground level and which will ensure the health and longevity of the hedgerow, unlike flailing/mechanical cutting will can irreversibly damage individual plants. It is hugely important as it promotes a much thicker regrowth and therefore provides greater habitat for nesting birds and small mammals. This denser regrowth also protects smaller birds and mammals from larger predators, who are unable to penetrate the thicker hedge, as well as providing a greater yield of berries creating an increased food source. The National Hedgelaying Society states that “hedges are important for our wildlife, environmental, heritage and scenic value. A well managed hedgerow is thick and bushy, an impenetrable barrier to sheep and cattle and a haven for wildlife”. Read More


Farming Post Brexit

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CRT Trustee, Robin Maynard, offers his take on the current Brexit situation…

The farming community overwhelmingly voted for Brexit – with polls conducted by Farmers’ Weekly, AgriChat and others consistently showing nearly 60% of farmers wanted to leave the EU, giving their reason as wanting to ‘take back control’.  With 55% of total farm income in the UK coming from the EU single farm payment and other agri-environmental support schemes, that majority vote suggests farmers believed that they could survive and thrive, producing goods for sale on the free-market without any such hand-outs.

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