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Sarah Stannage has resigned as Director of the Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT).

In a statement issued by Sarah she said:

“I have had an incredible time with the CRT and I have enjoyed working with a brilliant team of people including CRT’s tenant farmers. I am so proud of what we have achieved in such a short time, including the exciting developments with the Pierrepont Project as well as works towards a new HQ in Barton and education building at Turnastone Court Farm”.

The CRT has a very diverse portfolio of land, farms, properties (some in various states of dereliction), investments, tenants, friends and volunteers. Tilly Smith, as vice-chair and on behalf of the CRT, would like to wish Sarah all the very best for the future. The Trust, including staff, have greatly appreciated all of Sarah’s hard work over the past year in implementing CRT’s strategy and incorporating it into the decisions that needed to be made. We look forward to continuing to deliver our ambitious plans for the CRT next year and beyond.