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The Countryside Restoration Trust are very excited to once again be holding a Reindeer Event in association with Bury Lane Farm Shop on Thursday December 1st 2016.

This year we are moving away from our usual evening event and holding something which we believe is far more in line with our ethos and what our charity stands for. The event will therefore focus fully on the beautiful Cairngorm Reindeer, their wellbeing, the conservation surrounding them and informing children that reindeer are not just for Christmas!

We will be holding the event during the day between 11am and 3pm, to fit in with the Reindeers’ natural waking hours and routine. We will also be able to engage with younger children who were unable to see the reindeer on previous events and invite schools to come and learn about these creatures as part of their curriculum. With many reindeer being kept in unsuitable conditions throughout the year, we believe that the Cairngorm Reindeer should be celebrated as the only free ranging herd of Reindeer in the UK and we would like to focus on educating visitors on the importance of this, especially during the festive season.

We have invited local schools to come and see the Reindeer and learn all about their natural behaviour and how they survive in the wild…each child will be provided with a learning pack filled with useful information about the Cairngorm Reindeer herd and a puzzle book, so they can put their newly acquired knowledge to the test! If you are a teacher and would like to bring a class to the event, please contact us as soon as possible to book a slot.

Anybody is welcome to come and visit the Reindeer, so why not make it an extra excuse to visit Bury Lane Farm Shop, have a coffee and make a start on your Christmas shopping!

Where: Bury Lane Farm Shop, A10 Bypass, Melbourn, Royston, Herts, SG8 6DF
When: Thursday 1st December, 11am-3pm