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Green Recovery Challenge Fund grants nearly a quarter of a million pounds to save threatened East Anglian wildlife

Norfolk Rivers Trust has received a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant of £229,200 for Waterlife Recovery East, a partnership project comprising local NGO’s, Norfolk Rivers Trust, Suffolk Wildlife Trust and Countryside Restoration Trust.


Author: Abbie Pearce

Lapwings arrive at Westfield, Lark Rise Farm

For the first time in nearly twenty years, a lapwing nest has been discovered at Westfield, which is part of Lark Rise Farm owned by the Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT).


Author: Hayley Neal

Barn owl numbers predicted to fly high in 2021

30/03/2021: Vince Lea explains why it's predicted to be a bumper year for barn owl numbers at Lark Rise Farm.


Author: Abbie Pearce

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