Education is at the heart of everything we do at the CRT. We are passionate about providing learning experiences which reconnect children with nature. Our wonderful Friends tell us that their admiration of nature stems from their childhood.  We need to engage children now to save the countryside of the future.

Over the last two years we have been busy behind the scenes preparing the brand-new Mosaic Farming and Wildlife Education programme and are delighted that it has now launched. After being ‘locked-down’ for so long it is wonderful to hear the sound of excited children back at Pierrepont Farm.

Mosaic teaches farming and wildlife fundamentals to the next generation while igniting their curiosity in the natural world, all within a safe and stimulating learning environment. The programme helps children piece together the farming and wildlife mosaic. 

We are currently fundraising for approximately £5,000 to purchase equipment to enhance the children’s wildlife experience. We need resources to help maximise children’s learning potential whilst visiting the farm and to spark their imagination.

We provide an illuminating experience of discovery, but it can always be improved. Will you please give a donation today to allow us to pass on the love of, and respect for, nature that we all share?

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