Have you thought about making your Friendship lasting?

We write to you every year to ask you to renew your CRT Friendship, but have you considered becoming a Life Friend? This way you will always get our Lark magazine and invites to events, but you will not need to get the letters from our administrator every year. 

As an International Friendship Day treat, if you upgrade your CRT Friendship before 14 August 2020, you will be entered into a competition to have a tour of a farm of your choice with Robin Page, when lockdown is over. He might even throw in a cup of tea (or
a pint) if there is somewhere close by. If you would prefer, our Farmers, Wildlife Officers or Education Officers can show you around the farm instead.

To upgrade your CRT Friendship you can call the office on 01223 262999. Alternatively, you can click the appropriate Life Friendship on our website.

Life Friendship

Over 70 Life Friendship 

Booking for this event has now closed.