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Take a look at our Pick 'n' Mix learning options below to create a truly unique visit for your class.

The selection of activities have been designed to accommodate shorter half day visits or for those who’d prefer to tailor your own full day trip.

Morning visit only: Select any activity of your choice from Group A.
Full day Tailor Made trip: Select two activities from Group A and one from Group B.

Group A 

Group B 

Food Origins            
What ingredients are in your favourite meal? Do these ingredients originate from a plant or an animal? Sort food in different ways according to where and how they grow. Identify animals which are kept on a farm and why farmers keep them.

What’s the main ingredient in flatbreads? Flour! Discover which plant flour comes from and explore the milling process.  Weigh, pour, and stir ingredients to make a dough then roll out and shape to create a flatbread.  Watch how a delicious herby oil dressing is made then brush it on your flatbread and taste.

Herb Discovery
 Fruit Smoothie 
Embark on a wonderful sensory journey with our Herb Discovery session. Compare the similarities and differences between different herb seeds and learn what they need to grow. Challenge your sense of smell in our herb matching game. Plant your own herb seed to take away and nurture at home.

Smoothies are healthy and nutritious but how are they made?  Discover how an apple press works, then have a go at making and tasting freshly squeezed apple juice.  Combine the apple juice with an assortment of your favourite fruits and blend to create a delicious smoothie.  Which smoothie tastes the best?

Vegetable Challenge

Do you know where and how vegetables grow? Take on the veggie hunt challenge in our courtyard allotment and discover which parts of the plant (stem, root, leaf, flower etc) we eat.

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Who lives here?
Explore the orchard and hedgerows for signs of minibeasts. Name your creature with the help of an ID chart. Sort minibeasts according to what they eat and learn how they interconnect to form a food chain.

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