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Take a look at our Pick 'n' Mix learning options below to create a truly unique visit for your class.

The selection of activities have been designed to accommodate shorter half day visits or for those who’d prefer to tailor your own full day trip.

Morning visit only: Select any activity of your choice from Group A.
Full day Tailor Made trip: Select two activities from Group A and one from Group B.

Group A 

Group B 

 Sensational Seeds
Delicious Dips

Compare the similarities and differences between seeds and learn how and what they need to grow. Take a closer look at flowering plants and explore the process and importance of pollination.  Visit our greenhouse to plant your own seed and take it away to nuture at home.

Explore the concept of seasonality and head out to our courtyard allotment to harvest some seasonal vegetables. Slip on your apron and learn how to make healthy vegetable dips and a tasty coleslaw. Sit back, relax and sample your food with some breadsticks.

Bird Discovery

Discover the benefits of composting and learn how to assemble food scraps and brown matter to create compost in a bottle. Take a closer look in our wormery and discover how effective worms are in the composting process.

Can you name any common garden birds? Head to the orchard for a spot of bird watching and use ID charts to help name what you see. Identify the characteristics of birds and understand their lifecycle. Find out what birds eat with our battle of the beaks game and how some birds deal with food which they can’t digest.
Bug World

Explore different habitats and micro-habitats in search of minibeasts. Take a closer look at them under a magnifying glass and name them with the help of an ID chart.  Learn more about classification and sort minibeasts into groups based on similarities and differences.  Find out what different minibeasts eat and how they source food.  Get up close and personal with some nocturnal insects.

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Food Chains 

Every living organism needs a food source to survive but who eats who? In this session, discover what different insects eat and how a bird’s beak gives us a clue to its diet. Apply the knowledge gained to construct a food chain / food web.

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