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Take a look at our Pick 'n' Mix learning options below to create a truly unique visit for your class.

The selection of activities have been designed to accommodate shorter half day visits or for those who’d prefer to tailor your own full day trip.

Morning visit only: Select any activity of your choice from Group A.
Full day Tailor Made trip: Select two activities from Group A and one from Group B.

Group A 

Group B 

Wonderful Wheat

Follow the adventures of The Little Red Hen and learn how she makes delicious bread from a simple wheat seed.  Discover how wheat grows and what’s hidden inside an ear of wheat.  Try grinding some wheat kernels into flour.

It’s time to make breadsticks so slip on your apron and head to our kitchen. Scoop, stir, mix and pour ingredients to make a dough then roll and shape to make your breadstick. Easy!  Discover how to transform herbs and vegetables into delicious dips then choose your favourite to try with your breadstick.  Yum!

Veggie Hunt
Five a Day
Do you know where and how vegetables grow? Compare the appearance of different vegetable seedlings and learn what they need to germinate. Embark on a veggie hunt in our courtyard allotment and harvest some seasonal vegetables.

Fruit and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet and can be eaten in many different ways – raw, cooked, juiced etc.  Visit our orchard and have a go at making freshly squeezed apple juice.  Identify a range of different fruits and vegetables, then use your creative skills to make a delicious fruit and veg butterfly.

Curious Caterpillars

Follow the adventures of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and see how he grows and what he eats. Visit our orchard and go on a leaf hunt for signs of caterpillars.  Create a nature bracelet by collecting different shaped leaves.  Compare the leaves and learn which trees they come from.

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Who lives here?
Explore the orchard and hedgerows for signs of minibeasts. Compare the differences and similarities between minibeasts. Learn how to catch them safely in a bug pot and examine them closely with a magnifying glass.

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