We have appointed a new education officer in Herefordshire, to teach local school children and community groups about where their food comes from and how it can be produced in a wildlife-friendly way.

Based at the CRT’s new education centre at Turnastone Court Farm, Herefordshire, former teaching assistant, Vickie Tomkins, will host farm visits and give classroom talks about how food is produced.

Commenting on the latest addition to the team, CRT chairman Robin Page says this is an important step forward for the charity. "Education is at the heart of the CRT. This is the first time we’ve had a permanent education officer in Herefordshire, and we’re thrilled to welcome Vickie to the team to share the principles of wildlife-friendly farming."

Educating young people about food and agriculture is a hot topic, with the NFU launching their latest education initiative, Farming STEMterprise earlier this year. A previous retailer survey has also shown a need to educate children about where their food comes from, with 41% of children under the age of eight not knowing eggs came from chickens, and one in 20 believing that avocados are laid by animals[i].

With a passion for horticulture, food and farming, along with a Royal Horticulture Society qualification, Vickie is no stranger to agriculture, and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge as part of her new role."I’m looking forward to talking about the history of UK farming, showcasing the farm to fork story, and demonstrating the need protect and restore the British countryside for generations to come. Through showcasing the practical work of the charity on-farm, I also hope to inspire the next generation to think about a career in agriculture and conservation. The education centre at Turnastone Court Farm in Herefordshire is a fantastic base to do this, as it really is the perfect example of what the charity is all about."

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[i] express.co.uk/life-style/food/712737/avocados-come-from-animals-Kids-shocking-lack-of-food-knowledge-exposed

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