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We had to cancel all CRT farm open days due to lockdown, but we still wanted to find a different way to bring new and existing CRT Friends together and raise money for the charity!

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At this time of year, our staff, farmers and volunteers would be on the road to see you in person at Farm Open Days and shows across the country. But lockdown has changed that this year.


All the fun of the show, from the safety of your home!

Discover & Learn

Online and at home activities to keep you and the children entertained and learning about the farming and nature! 

Education Manager Gerry Turner has been busy created these fun filled, curriculum-linked learning topics straight from the CRT classroom.  

We normally suggest a £1 contribution for our educational activities at events

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Farmer Facts

Our farmers are excellent! They have picked up their phones to show us their farms! 

These farmer diaries give you an insight into what a variety of different farmers get up to on a daily basis.

Lark Rise Farm Show Week
29th June - 5th July

Pierrepont Farm Show Week
13th July - 18th July

Mayfields Farm Show Week
3rd August - 9th August

Wonderful Wildlife

Dr Vince Lea, Head of Wildlife Monitoring has been keeping a diary of his lockdown sightings. Read this blog to find out what he has seen! 

Blackbirds, lapwing, water voles, butterfly, and so much more! 

Money raised by this campaign will go towards projects increasing the diversity of wildlife on our properties

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We also have some wonderful wildlife activities including interactive puzzles in our discover and learn tent!

Competition Time

Get involved with the many competitions that are running over the 10 weeks of the CRT Village Show! 

We normally suggest a £5 per entry for our competitions 
This donation is not compulsory, but remember we're a charity! 

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Wild Photography

15th - 20th June 

Pet Pawtraits 

6th - 11th July 

Rate my plate 

20th - 25th July

Grow it at home 

10th - 15th August

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Growing money - fundraising

We still need to raise awareness and raise funds to continue our vital work, but we also want to continue to bring people together and provide sparks of joy and happiness through the CRT Village Show.

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Support Rural Business


CRT supports rural communities and businesses by restoring old and disused farming properties into centres of sustainable business. 

These artisan businesses would normally be selling their beautiful items at shows across the country. This year, we are supporting these businesses by promoting them online at our CRT Village Show

Support rural business

See exclusive discounts below... 

Where does fruit grow, do you know?

At Lark Rise Farm's new community orchard, Gerry explains some fruits are too heavy to grow on where do they grow? Read more

Fairy Garden

Make an outdoor home for all your fairy friends Read more

Egg Head Planters

These Egg Head Planters are a great way to teach children about germination in a fun and simple way. Read more

Skylark in Stubble Puzzle - Hard

The decline of the skylark in Britain is attributed to the switch from spring to autumn sowing of cereals and the resulting loss of winter stubbles. Read more

Can you name these four species?

Get involved on Facebook or comment in the comment box below! Read more

Video Plant Challenge

Get the kids guessing the fruit and vegetables Education Manager is growing on here allotment during lockdown! Read more

Red-tailed bumblebee Puzzle

Did you know you can see red-tailed bumblebees emerge in early spring, feeding on flowers all the way through to the autumn! Read more

Comma Butterfly Puzzle

Did you know the scalloped edgesorange and brown colour of the wings are to camouflage the hibernating adults amongst dead leaves during winter? Read more