Monitoring our Bat Friends who have moved into the roof mounted bat loft at the new Education Centre at Turnastone Court Farm.

We have recently had one of our barns at Turnastone Court Farm in Herefordshire restored and turned into an Education Centre and accommodation. As a wildlife charity, we have installed a roof mounted bat lodge in order to accommodate our bat population.  All the different bat species that have been recorded on the farm are now able to use the newly refurbished building.

We now want to install a camera system to allow us to efficiently and effectively view the bats to raise awareness of these vulnerable and fascinating creatures to those using the lodge facilities. We will be able to show visitors, both young and old, live footage of the bats.

Bat monitoring happens on an annual basis elsewhere on the farm and over the past 12 months we have seen: Common Pipistrelle bats, Soprano Pipistrelle bats, Whiskerd/Brandts’ bats, Natterer’s bats, Brown Long-eared bats, Lesser Horseshoe bat, Barbastelle bats.

We will also be able to use the footage captured by the camera system to influence and inform.

We will be able to easily identify when there are changes to bat populations, which can indicate changes to the local biodiversity. Increases in bat populations will show that our conservation activities are working and the biodiversity of the local area is improving.

We are very lucky to have lots of bats on all of our farms, including many rare species. However, nationally bat numbers are in decline. Creating habitats and roost sites for them on our farms, along with the continued monitoring will ensure the protection and enhancement of bat populations in the rural environment.

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