Education has always been an extremely important feature of the CRTs wildlife friendly farming vision.  Numerous children have already benefitted from many inspiring and engaging learning experiences on our farms but with the recent recruitment of three new Education Officers we want to make education an even bigger focus for the future. 

Our education team, delivering education within 4 of our farm properties, are full of enthusiasm, energy and new ideas.  They are desperate to start inviting new children onto the farms to ensure that future generations understand the importance of protecting and restoring the natural world and are equipped with the knowledge and experiences to fully understand this.  We see this as a wonderful opportunity for the CRT and for the communities close to us.

As the education programme has been going for a number of years, some of the resources are looking tired or a little past their best. As we have a brand new engaging and exciting education offer, we want to have equipment and resources on the farms which inspire people to use them. For example, we do not want pond dipping nets with holes!

Why Education is important to the CRT

 Storyteller at Pierrepont Farm Open Day 2015
There is recognition of the drop in knowledge of children and young people about the natural world around them. In a recent survey of 1,000 children aged five to 16 the National Trust found that 65% could not recognise a Blue Tit, and 51% could not spot stinging nettles, 82% could not name an oak leaf. Our Education and Events team allow children to experience outdoors, learning practically about nature, farming, and people.
We know that our farms are amazing places. We have the evidence to prove that our innovative yet traditional conservation activities are encouraging wildlife onto our farms and that wildlife friendly farming is possible. We had over 3,000 people visit our farms in 2019, but we need to be able to spread our message further than that. Our Education Programme is giving us the opportunity for facilitate this.

Our education programme is currently paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we want our farms to be fully resourced ready for when we are able to open our doors again.

We are fundraising to provide our fantastic Education Officers the resources they need to help engage children (and adults) on the CRT Farms.

Would you consider making a donation so we have the resources required to deliver our Education Programme?

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