We ask for your support to undertake urgent conservation work.

This Victorian barn houses a resident pair of barn owls. This year, as in 15 previous years, chicks have been successfully reared.

However, it is in urgent need of repair. If crucial works are not completed on the barn it will be lost forever and barn owls will lose their home. To comply with guidance from the Barn Owl Trust, this work needs to be carried out before it becomes yet more weather-beaten and the owls begin a new breeding season by mid-winter.

Why are barn owls important?

This historic Barn Owl Barn affectionately called BOB - is located amidst the meadows of  Bere Marsh Farm, near the village of Shillingstone. 

The need for funding

In the past ten years, the 'Barn Owl Barn' has been flooded on several occasions and its structure will not last another winter. We are extremely concerned that it will collapse and the barn owls will leave Bere Marsh Farm forever.

It will cost approximately £30,000 for us to conserve the Barn Owl Barn, repairing the roof, repointing the brickwork and making it watertight. Substantial clearing of the ditch to the east of the barn is also necessary to prevent a recurrence of flooding in the barn. It will not be used as an agricultural barn again, but instead as a dedicated nest site for the wild beauty of the twilight skies. A new Hide is planned to permit others to observe these majestic birds from a safe distance.

How You Can Help

Barn owls are the pinnacle of the British countryside and we are delighted that they are residents of Bere Marsh Farm. Would you consider making a donation so we can conserve our magnificent Victorian barn and build a bird hide to monitor the barn owls using it?

Once we have secured the long-term home for the resident barn owls, the new hide will enable us to share their story with many more people as well as monitor their future for educational purposes.