We believe in encouraging people to become involved with the life and work of their local farms, and our Volunteers Programme plays a vital role in conservation work, wildlife monitoring and organising events.

We have tenant farmers who work tirelessly to improve the land they rent and to create spaces for wildlife. However, they are also very busy working hard to make a living in one of the hardest and gruelling industries in the UK. The farmers therefore use the CRT volunteers to carry out conservation and monitoring activities on the farms.

The volunteers are critical to the CRT achieving our charitable objectives. Their support in conservation activities and wildlife monitoring helps to reduce the drain on the CRTs capital fund and speeds up essential project timelines.

The equipment used by our indispensable volunteers on the farms is now very old and needs regular updating. We have been donated some bits but it is all past its best and looking a little worn. The volunteers actually bring their own equipment with them which isn’t fit for purpose and ‘make do’.

Our volunteers need specialist conservation equipment like loppers, bow saw, bill hook and mattock so they are fully prepared for the tasks that they will be doing. Using the proper equipment, which has been designed for a task is a lot safer than using something from their own supplies.

“I enjoy volunteering for the CRT because it gives me the opportunity to work outside on the farm in truly stunning countryside. It has also given me the opportunity to see and learn about the local wildlife and native plants and species.”

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