Education Manager

Gerry's key responsibility is to create an education blueprint for the CRT and deliver learning experiences at Lark Rise in Cambridge and Pierrepont Farm in Surrey. It’s a big job, but her expertise in primary education and lived experiences have equipped her to meet the challenge. 

Gerry spent five years teaching primary children in the UK before moving to Perth, Australia in 2011. While there, she volunteered at Kanyana, a wildlife rehabilitation centre, where she supported the animal hospital and education team. After a year immersed in wildlife education, Gerry was appointed by Kanyana as their Education Officer. She spent the next two years, creating a wildlife discovery centre for children, interactive exhibits, and an accompanying education programme. On her return to the UK, Gerry decided to grow her wildlife knowledge by becoming a presenter of animal talks at Whipsnade Zoo. 

She became Education Officer at Iver Environment Centre, a 4.5-acre site comprising woodland, ponds, an orchard, a rainforest and three allotments plus a farm next door. She created and delivered a range of nature-themed outdoor learning experiences to over 5,000 children per year and completed a ‘Food for Thought’ project focused on reconnecting children with food, farming and nutrition. 


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