Our farmers are excellent!

Not only are they 'ploughing on' during these unprecedented times, many of our farmers have picked up their phones to show us their farms! 

Take a look through the CRT youtube 'Farmer's Diaries' playlist

These videos are updated throughout the week so be sure to check in regularly or follow us on social media!

Take a tractor tour of Lark Rise Farm: https://tinyurl.com/yc6bwan2

What machinery does Farmer Tim Scott use to cultivate, seed, roll and then harvest his crops on Lark Rise Farm? https://tinyurl.com/y6wak93g

Pierrepont Farm has a robotic dairy machine that milks the free-range cows whenever they choose! The robots work 24/7, 365 days a year. Have a tour: https://tinyurl.com/y8x2bmc9

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Farmer profiles

These are the farmers you are most likely to see in our Farmer Diaries. Some of our other farmers may make guest appearances too!

Tim Scott and Ivy

Tim Scott 

Tim is an arable farmer on Lark Rise Farm in Cambridgeshire. He is also a Spray Application expert and Herbicide Specialist courtesy of Syngenta Crop Protection. Tim’s habitat creation and conservation management won him an award for the highest density of grey partridge at the Redlist Revival ‘Life on Lands’ Awards.

29th June - 5th July

Mike and Bev Clear  

Mike and Bev farm a incredible Jersey dairy herd on Pierrepont Farm in the heart of Surrey. It is from the farm we run the calf sponsorship program. With a very interesting farm of 'free-range' cows and milking robots, their videos are worth a watch. Their daughter Zoe Clear also works on the farm and often takes the rosette-winning heifers to shows across the country. 

13th July- 18th July

Gareth and Madeleine Boaz

Sarah Jenkins, Education Officer, Mayfields Farm

Gareth and Madeleine Boaz  

Hereford beef cattle and lamb farmers on Turnastone Court Farm in the beautiful 'Golden Valley' in Herefordshire. Gareth gave us lots of updates of cure newborns during the lambing season and very happy in the spring. 

Sarah Jenkins

Farmer and Education Officer Sarah has an array of animals on her farm from the fluffy Bantam chickens and a mix of different sheep at Mayfields Farm. Sarah is also an award winning sheepdog instructor and trainer and teaches on her property in Norfolk. For the CRT Education programme she has recently installed a huge veg patch.

3rd August - 9th August 

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