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Have you considered leaving a legacy to the CRT?

What do you love most about the countryside?
Wildflowers, birds, butterflies? The varied sounds of a living, working farmyard?
Or an inspirational view as you stroll along?

A Sanctuary

The CRT’s farms are sanctuaries for wildflowers, butterflies, bees, birds and animals. You can help to keep them that way forever, with a gift in your Will.

The Real Difference

No matter how large or small, leaving a legacy is a great way to leave your mark. With such a gift, you can make a real difference to preserving the countryside and encouraging wildlife-friendly farming. It is also a way for you to continue the support that you give to charities, such as the CRT.

Every donation left to the Trust as a legacy helps to create a living, working countryside.

Want to know more?

If you would like more information about leaving a legacy to the CRT, then please telephone Hayley Neal on 01223 262999 or email. She will be happy to send you our legacy information pack or answer any questions you may have.

Email Hayley
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