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For the fourth instalment looking at the highlights of the 25th Anniversary at the Royal Geographical Society, we listen to the clearly passionate talk from Derek Gow.

An ecologist that who is knowledgeable on beavers and argues for their reintroduction. In his career, along with help from other experts he has successfully contributed and so, is very experienced in the breeding and subsequently reintroduction of the water vole it is understandable that he refers to them through his talk.

“So many animals we were once familiar with, are not going to be brown, and furry, and breathing, and sentient; they are going to be black and white photographs in an encyclopaedia.”

Even though experienced in the smaller animals, Gow argues that we as humans are destroying all habitats and corridors that animals used. This reduction in space has totally change the size of the animal the land can sustain, and this has had a massive impact – especially on the British wildlife.

“The big carnivores are gone. The big herbivores are gone. And now we are worrying about the little animals!”

He deliberates on the idea of rewilding – how if done, should be done properly!

“Rewilding is a great idea until you hit a moose in your Mini!”

A powerful speech from an ardent and knowledgeable man!