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The litter pick went well on a lovely sunny day.  Two local people; John and Cynthia  took part and we got the job done.

Drivers travelling through the village were very kind and slowed down, and we even got a beep and thumbs up, waves, and even a lady clapping in response to what we were doing.  The majority of the litter was found along the road where unscrupulous drivers stop and empty their cars, or throw litter out of their window.

Four bags of rubbish were collected over a period of one and a half hours by three people.  The rubbish included 30 plastic bottles, 25 drinks cans, glass bottles, crisp packets, sweet wrappers and fast food packaging.  There was a very small amount of farm rubbish, and some builder’s rubble.  Along with being unsightly, this rubbish could cause considerable harm to wildlife and livestock on the farm.

Thank you to those who gave up their valuable time, and drivers please take your litter home!

Viv Geen

#GBSpringClean #LitterHeroes