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Good Hedges make Good Neighbours

By 12 February, 2018 No Comments

Last Wednesday saw @CRT Barton headed by Vince Lea, Head of Wildlife Monitoring join forces with both Cambridge Past Present and Future(  staff and volunteers at the nearby Coton Countryside Reserve.

We were working together to teach them about hedgelaying and they in turn have been helping us with our volunteer work parties. “Good Hedges make Good Neighbours”!? Their site is less than a mile from Lark Rise and we now have a good working relationship.

  1. Volunteers are taught how to cut and lay the stems of the hedge at the start of the day, while in the background someone is sharpening the stakes that are hammered in to hold the laid hedge in place.

2. Some of the laid hedge which has been staked and bound last time we visited. The hedge is the angled stems, the stakes are the verticals and the binders are flexible willow from Lark Rise Farm which make up the top horizontal twist which holds it all together. Sorry about the sunspots !


3. This shows us nearing the end of the hedge when one CPPF staff member has just cut through a stem and the volunteer in blue is steering it down into the new hedge line. Our expert hedge layer is watching on.

We hope to go back in a couple of weeks to finish off the last couple of bits of hedge – we ran out of energy at 4pm after 6 hours hard work!


Vince Lea – Head of Wildlife Monitoring

February 2018