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Kestrels at Awnells

By 26 April, 2018 No Comments

It was wonderful to see a male kestrel hunting over pasture at Awnells Farm yesterday.  Kestrels have not been recorded on the farm for a couple of years.  This species has been in decline over the last 30 years and is listed as an amber data book species of conservation concern.  The kestrel population has been stable in some parts of the UK, but has declined in other areas.

The exact cause of the decline is not known but loss of habitat is possible, along with a lack of suitable nest sites, and a decrease in prey populations as a result of agricultural management.

A kestrel box was put up on a mature oak tree on the farm in 2015, but unfortunately, this tree was felled by the strong winds we experienced last winter, and the box needs to be placed in another suitable location with foraging habitat.


Viv Geen

Monitoring Officer (Herefordshire)