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Lark Rise Tenant Farmer, Tim Scott, was featured in this week’s edition of Farmer’s Weekly due to the innovative method he has adopted when spraying his crops.

Lark Rise is the CRT’s flagship wildlife-friendly farm, which Tim manages using environmentally sympathetic methods whilst looking to retain a high yield. Ensuring the sprays he uses are hitting the required targets is an integral part of his management plan.

Tim has trialled various nozzles  to ensure that his technique for applying crop protection products is as bullet proof as possible. Following an autumn of poor blackgrass control, Tim moved away from an Amistar nozzle providing a water rate of 100 litres/ha to a 3D nozzle which improved performance, but increased drift due to the flat fan type nozzle. Many standard nozzles provide a mist made up of fine droplets, which is excellent for pest control on the required crops, but does drift a substantial amount. This is obviously not good for grass margins and the surrounding areas.

Through experimental trials and Tim’s desire to reduce drift whilst maintaining the same efficacy as industry standards, he has opted to use 90% nozzles, which disperse fewer, larger droplets with only 10% of the product liable to drift.

Speaking to Farmer’s Weekly, Tim says:

“The difference (for drift reduction) has been remarkable and I’m going to give them a try for the pre-ems* this autumn. I will flick the nozzle bodies around and do some with the 3D for a comparison, but from what I’ve seen in the trial field, most will be done with the 90% nozzles.”

He continues to say:

“The environmental case for using them is strong and most of the farm is next to roads, houses and that makes it important to me from a public perception perspective. You are using 90% of the product too”.

Tim has recently been in the local press due to his appointment as Environmental Champion for South Cambs. Tim was appointed by the Conservative Group at the District Council and will be working in a non-political role with the SCDC Planning Department, the new Mayor and others to ensure nature is carefully considered in the planning process. Read more about this here.