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Beloved Hedgehogs

The third talk video this week is the illustrious poet, the entertainer, and passionate countrywoman Pam Ayres. During this talk we hear stories of her adored house with 20 acres of land that became home to many of the rehabilitating hedgehogs from the local animal hospital!

“The native birds are singing as they sing here every day,
oh who will feed my little birds when I am far away?”

The first poem Pam Ayres recites – an emotional and evocative poem about leaving her beloved house of 28 years. The house “where the swifts nested in the roof… under the same scrape of tile” on the 20 acres of land where she and her husband “planted 1000 natives trees and planted two native hedges… and developed the interest in having wildlife around [her]”. Her garden decorated with two decades of gifts of plants and shrubs. Poem running time: 07:50 – 10:07

She also describes her attempts to encourage wildlife into her now, much smaller, garden. Something so simple as leaving a pile of brash can encourage a multitude of creatures into the garden – even the illusive grass snake.

But in the next poem, written from the perspective of the “final hedgehog left on earth”, Pam Ayres stresses why you should always check your brash pile/bonfire before lighting it!

“Farewell, farewell for what its worth,
from the final hedgehog left on earth.
My cousin Henry, young and bright,
went up in flames on bonfire night”

Full of humour but some very important messages, this poem is well worth a listen!
Poem running time: 15:51 – 18:21

Living a rural life, in a small country village, Pam Ayres loves to spend a Sunday sat in her favourite seat by the fire in the local pub. Nevertheless, in her final poem she eloquently explains the one thing she really does not like about this pub – it’s so funny, so well written, I can definitely say, it’s worth a listen!
Poem running time: 20:44 – 22:25