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In the final instalment looking at the highlights of the 25th Anniversary at the Royal Geographical Society, we hear from the tenant farmer of the flagship farm, Lark Rise.

25 years ago, Tim Scott became tenant farmer of Lark Rise farm. In 1993, Tim was tending to 20 acres of land. Since then the farm has grown to over 450 acres of farm with an abundance of wildlife!

“When I was a little boy, all I wanted to do, there were two things: it was wildlife and tractors”

Stemming from a young age, his passion for wildlife was apparent and now means that Tim Scott is now ‘living the dream”. Out in the tractor, in his “own little bird-hide”, he able to admire the vast array of wildlife that now call Lark Rise home!

There are many species that call Lark Rise home, but one has flourished on the farm. Because of the time and efforts Tim Scott has put into habitat restoration and natural food provisions, Lark Rise was awarded the highest national density of Grey Partridge. A spokesman from Redlist Revival commented, ‘The Award reflects the range of habitat, the proportion of the holding dedicated to ecology and the commitment Tim shows towards ecology and the enhancement of our natural resources.’ Find out more:

“A key word in the trust is sympathetic”

Every single decision that Tim Scott makes regarding the farm has wildlife in mind. Listen to hear Tim Scott explain what mosaic farming is and other techniques he has used to transform the farm from the baron farm it was 25 years ago to the naturally successful farm it is today!