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Six lovely oak bird boxes have been put up in the oak wood pasture adjoining the farm; many thanks to the landowner Denise Lloyd for allowing us to carry out this important work. The boxes were made by CRT volunteer John Burns; a former joiner and skilled craftsman. I am sure any self-respecting PFC would relish the chance to nest in these boxes.

This work is in response to the recording of a male pied flycatcher on the farm in 2018. Breeding Bird Surveys (BBS) suggest that abundance has declined considerably since 1994 and climate change may be the reason for this decline.

Fingers crossed for the end of April/beginning of May (when the birds start to arrive back from sub-Saharan Africa) that we have a lovely Pied Flycatcher nest with bright blue eggs. I however do have to report that a blue tit has already taken up residence in one of the boxes and had one egg at the last nest box check!
Watch this space for further reports on these nest boxes and others on the farm.

Viv Geen
Monitoring Officer (Herefordshire)