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Help us protect rare wildlife today – and prove it works! We need £30,000 to expand our excellent monitoring team and to further promote the brilliant results.


Will you donate today to make this possible?

We work hard to ensure that our farms are havens for wildlife. We work with our Tenant Farmers to make sure that there are habitats and spaces for a wide range of different species, and every farm is different.

Our Monitoring Work – we could do more

Our Wildlife Monitoring Officers, Vince and Viv, do an excellent job ensuring all wildlife are welcome on our farms and, working with volunteers, complete a range of conservation activities along with bird, mammal and insect surveys. We attempt to create safe spaces for wildlife. This is more important now than ever before.

As the CRT has grown, so has Vince and Viv’s workloads and they are finding it harder to visit every farm. The travel involved to get to every farm is also something we are concerned about, for both the time taken and the pollution caused.

We need a Conservation Manager, but that costs money

We would like to expand our monitoring work and recruit a new Conservation Manager to be based on our ‘Southern’ farms (Pierrepont Farm, Green Farm, Twyford Farm and Babers Farm).

A new Conservation Manager would be able to build on the results of previous years and put in strategic conservation plans, with specific conservation aims for everyone to work towards. This role will also work with Vince and Viv to publish our fantastic results. It will be a strategic role, planning conservation activities for the whole CRT and making sure our results are included in publications.

Will you donate to enable us to expand our conservation and wildlife monitoring team and continue to act as a champion for the countryside and wildlife friendly farming?

This really is a vital area of our work.  We simply must be able to prove that our methods work if we are to be able to influence other land managers and government.  Please do help if you possibly can.

*If more that £30,000 is raised the money will be used to fund additional years salary of the Conservation Manager and to further the work of the CRT.