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We need your help to re-launch our Education Programme Spring 2020

We have three passionate new staff members dedicated to Education on four of our properties. Full of enthusiasm and energy, CRT education has an exciting future ahead.

Why Education and Events are important to the CRT

There is recognition of the drop in knowledge of children and young people about the natural world around them. The National Trust have recently completed research and found 65% of children could not recognise a Blue Tit, and 51% could not spot stinging nettles, 82% could not name an oak leaf. Our Education and Events team allow children to experience outdoors, learning practically about nature, farming, and people (and get stung by a stinging nettle).

We know that our farms are amazing places. We have the evidence to prove that our innovative yet traditional conservation activities are encouraging wildlife onto our farms and that wildlife friendly farming is possible.

The new Education Officers are fantastic, but they need resources to help engage children (and adults) on our farms. Here is a small example of what your donation might be used for: