Where does fruit grow, do you know?

At Lark Rise Farm's new community orchard, Gerry explains some fruits are too heavy to grow on trees...so where do they grow? Read more

Fairy Garden

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Egg Head Planters

These Egg Head Planters are a great way to teach children about germination in a fun and simple way. Read more

Skylark in Stubble Puzzle - Hard

The decline of the skylark in Britain is attributed to the switch from spring to autumn sowing of cereals and the resulting loss of winter stubbles. Read more

Can you name these four species?

Get involved on Facebook or comment in the comment box below! Read more

Video Plant Challenge

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Red-tailed bumblebee Puzzle

Did you know you can see red-tailed bumblebees emerge in early spring, feeding on flowers all the way through to the autumn! Read more

Comma Butterfly Puzzle

Did you know the scalloped edgesorange and brown colour of the wings are to camouflage the hibernating adults amongst dead leaves during winter? Read more