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Explore the Countryside 

From a start in 1993, when a 40-acre field was bought at Barton, Cambridgeshire, the CRT has acquired through purchase or gift ten properties in different parts of England. These total almost 1500 acres and include arable and livestock farming, smallholding, woodland and orchard.

We endeavour to show the public how its food is produced; farmers to see how profitable farming is compatible with conservation; and conservationists to learn some of the difficulties faced by farmers. In addition, we hope to demonstrate to Government farming and conservation schemes can be extended for the greater pleasure of us all. It is an example which many throughout Britain will be able to follow.

Launched in response to growing fears about intensive and industrialised farming, the CRT initially aimed to purchase land which had been intensively farmed, in order to restore it to a living countryside, rather than a lifeless food factory. As the CRT has grown its aims have broadened to encompass purchasing farmland and woodland where traditional farming methods, wildlife habitat and biodiversity are under threat.

The CRT promotes a working countryside using sensitive and sympathetic farming practices that encourage and protect wildlife to produce quality food.