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Property Info

Location: Churt, Surrey (view map)
Description: Woodland, Heathland & Pasture
Farmer(s): N/A
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Green Farm was acquired in 2007 when the late John Broadbent Jones gifted the 200 acre woodland and pasture farm to the CRT. It is only eight miles from Pierrepont Farm in Surrey and shares its loamy sand soil type.

We have a woodland management plan in place for Green Farm; part of which is a scheduled plan to fell some trees, especially sweet chestnut, and restore some heathland, a habitat which has declined in the county for many decades.

There are some grazing animals on the pasture and we have planted a small orchard. The heathland area is home to Woodlark, Dartford warblers, Nightjar, Woodcock, Redpoll, Tawny Owl, Roe Deer, Adder and Grayling Butterfly.

We have both conservation and monitoring volunteers coming to the property if you would like to be involved please get in touch with us.

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