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A tree species and spatial distribution survey was carried out in Henry’s Wood, off Old Barn Lane.

This comprised walking through the wood and recording the position and species of each tree within the wood. These were plotted on a map only approximately to scale. [We hope to put a copy of the map on the website soon.]

Birds seen/heard whilst carrying out this survey were also noted.

Items to note were what appeared to be a bank and ditch on the northern and eastern boundaries of the wood, a large and probably formerly pollarded holly on the eastern bank and some weak and some well-overstood hazel coppice stools in places. There was also a badger sett (maybe two, or one and an outlier). There were also bramble patches and two open areas.

The breakdown of tree species is as below:

  • Ash 54
  • Oak 41
  • Birch 28
  • Cherry 10
  • Rhododendron 9
  • Larch 4
  • Beech 2
  • Hazel (stools) — these were large, overstood stools; smaller examples were not recorded
  • Holly 2
  • Rowan 1

Birds seen/heard were:

  • Blackbird
  • Blue tit
  • Chaffinch
  • Coal tit
  • Collared dove
  • Crow
  • Dunnock
  • Great tit
  • Greenfinch
  • Magpie
  • Nuthatch
  • Robin
  • Woodpigeon

Some of these were seen around the wood, not in it.

Although this is quite a diverse woodland, it could do with some management. Most of the trees are mature and quite large; some of these could be felled to allow more light into the woodland floor in order to provide more glades and to help the weak coppice stools. Overstood stools should be coppiced and a coppicing regime established once the stools become more vigorous. Increasing the amount of hazel by planting or layering would help tp produce a shrub layer within the wood and the rhododendron should be removed where it is not on the badger sett.

Brian Lavers wrote an article on the same survey for the October 2011 blog. Its estimate of the numbers of trees does not quite coincide with those given above but it also lists fungi seen and has a couple of photographs.