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Property Info

Location: Barton, Cambridgeshire (view map)
Description: Arable
Farmer(s): Tim Scott


Gradual assembly of arable farmland as it became available for purchase since the foundation of the Trust in 1993. Financed through Friends’ donations and a Heritage Lottery Fund grant.

Through sensitive farming methods, the CRT has transformed Lark Rise Farm, near Cambridge, from an intensively farmed wildlife desert into a productive 400 acre arable farm which now teems with wildlife.

Lark Rise now has an abundance of skylarks, as well as other breeding birds that are considered rare elsewhere, such as barn owls and grey partridges. Farmland flowers including bee orchids are evident once again, brown hares have returned and otters have re-colonised the brook system. This has been achieved using farming methods such as smaller field sizes, crop rotations, leaving over-wintering stubble, beetle banks, wildlife strips and planting over 4.5 miles of new hedgerows, with the aid of numerous volunteers.

 Lark Farm Rise LOCATION