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Property Info

Location: Reepham Road, Themelthorpe, Foulsham, Norfolk (view map)
Description: Traditional sheep breed farming and sheep dog training. Plans to plant a traditional orchard.
Farmer(s): Sarah Jenkins


The land was gifted to the Trust by Greta McDonough in May 2004.

Mayfields is a 40 acre holding just on the edge of the small village of Themelthorpe, Norfolk. The land was gifted to the CRT by Greta McDonough in 2004 and plans are in place to turn it into a Shepherding and Countryside Centre.

There is a small flock of breeding pedigree Norfolk Horns, Southdown and Scottish Blackface sheep and courses on training sheepdogs and their handlers are being run. There are also plans to plant a traditional orchard with local varieties of top fruit.

At Mayfields Farm we have three dedicated red squirrel breeding enclosures housing up to two pairs at a time. We hope to breed two litters from each pair every year, giving us up to eight kittens to re-introduce into the wild.

Mayfields LOCATION