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Although the Spring, Summer and Autumn/Winter Pierrepont Farm bird surveys are published elsewhere on this site, we thought it would be of interest to drill down deeper into the data and take a look at the six individual sections, or transects, which form each survey.

Countryside Restoration Trust volunteers from the Pierrepont Farm monitoring group began the surveys in April 2007, about six months after the farm had been gifted to the Trust by Jo Baker.

It was originally planned to show the results of all the surveys from April 2007 onwards. However, as the work of formatting the data into tables progressed, it became clear that the transects that had evolved by the third survey (Autumn/Winter 2007) — and employed in all subsequent surveys — could not properly be compared on a like-with-like basis with those used in the first two surveys, when the volunteers were feeling their way into the task.

The results of the Spring and Summer 2007 surveys have therefore been withdrawn and the survey results now start with those from Autumn/Winter 2007.

The first five surveys (Autumn/Winter 2007 to Spring 2009) only cover five transects. Transect 6 (Silvergate) was first surveyed in Summer 2009 as an experiment and has been included in all the surveys since then.

In the pages listed below, the surveys of each transect are grouped by season: