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Tables compiled by Brian Senior of the Pierrepont monitoring group.

Brian Lavers & Brian Senior write:

Bird surveys at Pierrepont Farm are carried out three times per year, in April, June and November, with each survey kept as near as possible to the same date in the month as the previous year.

Each survey covers six separate sections or transects, selected on the need to cover as many as possible of the habitats contained within the farm, e.g. woodland, woodland edge, open farmland, water meadow and river bank.

Each of the transects is walked at a steady pace by, usually, two or three monitoring volunteers. Each bird species and the number of each species seen are recorded and a listing raised for each transect, the records for all six transects then being condensed into a single spreadsheet for ease of comparison year on year.

However, listings of birds seen in individual transects by season can be found here.

While lacking the statistical rigour of methods advocated for, for example, a British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Line Transect, the methods adopted for the Pierrepont surveys are very repeatable and have been successful now over four years in establishing a good basic measure of the farm’s bird life, against which future population trends can be compared.

The ultimate intent is of course to seek to increase the variety and number of species present on the farm in line with the stated aims of the Countryside Restoration Trust, by way of habitat management, predator control, food availability and the provision of nest boxes or similar.

The three per year formal surveys are supplemented by the activities of the BTO-licensed bird ringers who are happy to include their records with those of the Monitoring Group, and of course by the many sightings made during the frequent informal surveys throughout the year.

There are no figures earlier than 2007, as Pierrepont Farm was not gifted to the Countryside Restoration Trust until part-way through 2006.

Please follow these links for the individual surveys: