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Except where otherwise stated, all the reports have been prepared by Bill Young, the leader of the monitoring group covering both Green Farm and Pierrepont Farm.

Because of having to cover two farms, there is not a report on each farm for each month of the year (and the monitoring group does not meet in December and January anyway).

Some of the reports below make reference to Simpson’s Index of Diversity and to Simpson’s Reciprocal Index of Diversity. A straightforward and concise explanation of these can be found here, on a page published by the Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust, of Honiton, Devon.

2011 Reports
Wildlife report, April 2011 (Tankersford Copse floral survey)

Wildlife report, June 2011 (Wey Meadow SSSI: southern marsh orchids)

Wildlife report, July 2011 (Wey Meadow SSSI: vascular plants, butterflies)

Wildlife report, August 2011 (Wey Meadow SSSI: spiders, grasshoppers & crickets etc, butterflies)

Wildlife report, November 2011 (Wey Wood fungi survey)

2012 reports
Wildlife report, October 2012 (Silvergate Field & Tankersford Wood fungi survey), by Brian Senior

2013 reports
Wildlife report, April 2013 (Open Day dipping in farm pond)

Wildlife report, June 2013 (owl pellet analysis)

Wildlife report, July 2013 (butterfly survey)

Wildlife report, August 2013 (floral survey in the Wey Meadow SSSI)

Wildlife report, September 2013 (farm pond survey)

Wildlife report, November 2013 (Fungal Foray in Silvergate Field and Tankersford Wood)

2014 reports
Wildlife report, September/October 2014 (Fungal Forays in Tankersford Wood and Wey Wood)