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In the table below, the first 20 boxes are those erected by the bird-ringers and are of the small-hole type. They are located along Wey Top Path in Wey Wood.

Boxes 21 and 22 are examples of the open-fronted type of nestbox and are located behind a former workshop in the old farmyard. There are a number of this type of box around the farm and, to date, none of them have ever been taken up by any type of bird (see comments below table).

Boxes 23 to 31 are again of the small-hole type and are positioned along Wey Top Path in Wey Wood.

Those with the prefix X were put up by Brian Lavers, a Countryside Restoration Trust volunteer with both the conservation and monitoring groups at the farm. With the exception of X11 (located near the old farmyard), these boxes are to be found south of the Tankersford Wood permissive footpath.

In 2013, no ringing took place.

1 Box not found
2 Box not found
3 Empty
4 Great tit with young
5 Empty
6 Blue tit on eggs
7 Blue tit with young
8 Empty
9 Empty
10 Empty
11 Blue tit with young
12 Empty
13 Blue tit with young
14 Empty
15 Empty
16 Blue tit with young
17 Empty
18 Box non-openable
19 Empty
20 Great tit with young
21 No information
22 No information
23 Blue tit with young
24 Empty
25 4 eggs, probably abandoned
26 Blue tit with young
27 Blue tit with young
28 Blue tit with young
29 Empty
30 Empty
31 Blue tit sitting
32 Empty
X1 Blue tit with young
X2 Great tit with young
X3 Blue tit sitting
X4 Nuthatch with 3 young
X5 Empty
X6 Great tit with young
X7 Empty
X8 Blue tit with young
X9 Great tit with young
X10 Empty
X11 Empty
X12 Great tit
X13 Blue tit with young

Brian Lavers comments:

“While not accessed, no evidence of any activity at either of the ‘Redstart’ boxes in Wey Wood.

“The ‘Great spotted woodpecker’ box in Tankersford shows no sign of its rotten log interior having been disturbed.

“Of the ten boxes mounted high on the new dairy and facing the chestnut coppice, only box number two was occupied — by a Blue tit.

“None of the eight ‘Sparrow terrace’ boxes occupied.

“None of the many open-fronted boxes scattered throughout parts of Tankersford and Wey woods occupied and on present evidence unlikley to be so, as all are probably too exposed.”