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The lists for 2010-2012, below, were compiled by David Ross, a bird-ringer licensed by the British Trust for Ornithology who is also a member of the Countryside Restoration Trust.

The bird-ringers have been active at Pierrepont Farm since 2009, putting up nesting boxes and conducting surveys.

Their group has no vacancies at the present time.

The list below was compiled by Brian Lavers, a Countryside Restoration Trust volunteer with both the conservation and monitoring groups at Pierrepont Farm.

The list for 2014 was again compiled by David Ross but as it comprises just a summary of the species found, rather than a box-by-box report, it follows the layout used for the Pierrepont Farm bird ringing totals.

Two views of the barn owl box on Wey Top Path, which faces north-west across Rolands Field.

Although built to a design for the Barn Owl Trust, it has so far failed to attract any owls. In 2010 it was used by a pair of mandarin, who abandoned a nest containing 12 eggs. In 2011, it was taken over by a pair of stock doves and four young were ringed.