Looking for the perfect gift idea or keen to sponsor a calf yourself?

Support our beautiful Jersey calf Tallulah and follow her progress at Pierrepont Dairy Farm.

Pierrepont Chrome Tallulah, known to her friends as ‘Tallulah’. Born 24th August 2021, weighing 25kg.

Why sponsor a calf?

Each year we invite you to sponsor one of our beautiful Jersey calves, contributing to their welfare and following their progress as they grow. Each calf is unique with their own personality and our farmers get to know them well; some are really friendly and will come and find their farmer for a cuddle, while others prefer their own space. Plus there is always a boss cow of the herd! There are 34 ‘cow families’ at Pierrepont Farm and every calf born will have a name connected to the rest of their family, such as the first letter of their name; our CRT sponsor a calf for 2021 is the beautiful ‘Tallulah’, whose Mum is called Tara.

Supporting British dairy farming and wildlife

Running a dairy farm is no simple task, but our CRT tenant farmer Mike Clear and his family do an amazing job. Britain was once self-sufficient in producing milk, but now huge quantities are imported daily. By supporting a British Dairy Farm you can play a part in helping to protect our environment by keeping things local. Moreover, to increase production and keep costs down, many dairy farmers have intensified production with a detrimental effect on the local wildlife and countryside. However, our farmers at Pierrepont Farm pride themselves on producing quality milk by using a mix of traditional and innovative methods, which provide a great habitat for both cattle and wildlife to thrive. Key to achieving this are the wild spaces that are set aside for a wide range of flora and fauna to flourish.

Benefits of sponsoring Tallulah

As well as knowing that you are helping to support Tallulah and our herd of Jersey cows, we will send you (or whoever you have nominated if it is a gift) the following:


  • Welcome pack & updates all about Tallulah
  • Certificate & photo postcard of Tallulah
  • Wildflower seed sticky notes (plant the cover of the sticky notes and see the wildflowers grow)
  • Invitation to meet Tallulah at Pierrepont Farm in 2022

Please allow 10 working days for your pack to arrive. 

Sponsor Tallulah!