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Are you interested in a career working at one of the UK’s leading charities promoting wildlife-friendly farming?

Do you want to become part of a small, hard working team?
Are you passionate about the British countryside – past, present and future?
Do you want to be part of preserving our rural landscape and guaranteeing the future of UK farming?

If your answer is ‘yes’ then a career at the Countryside Restoration Trust in fundraising, event management, education, estate management or even wildlife monitoring, might be the right move for you.

No matter which area of the charity you join, you’ll find there are plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and develop a rewarding career. We have a diverse team and look to recruit individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. This means you could be still at school, leaving education or simply be looking for a new fresh challenge.


When we recruit, we select people who match the job requirements the closest; however we also look for people who believe in our values.

We are Passionate about restoring a living, working countryside for people and wildlife

We are Outspoken and will not shy away from the responsibility of speaking out when the countryside, its farming, wildlife and communities are under pressure or faced with negative change.

We are Open-minded and open to listening to and learning from those who share our overall aim of bringing wildlife and farming closer together in productive harmony

We are Collaborative and whilst we seek to provide a clear voice and offer leadership in a changing, pressurised countryside, we work in partnership with our tenants and will collaborate with like-minded individuals and organisations to achieve our aims.

We are True to our name. We are committed to delivering on our name by standing up for the countryside, its people and wildlife, restoring the rich diversity of natural fauna, flora and rural livelihoods it should naturally support, valuing and sustaining the trust of our supporters, tenants, like-minded organisations, funders and policy-makers through delivering on our vision and mission.

Please see below for any current opportunities.

Should no vacancies be available, we would be happy to receive a copy of your CV to keep on record for future opportunities.

The Countryside Restoration Trust is an equal opportunities employer